What is EuroVelo – EUROVELO

What is EuroVelo

The object of the EuroVelo project, one of the most important projects of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), is to encourage and coordinate the creation, support and operation of a sustainable Trans – European Transportation Network in the entire European Continent.

The inclusion of a city in the EuroVelo Bicycle Tourism Network makes a significant contribution to both local and national economy. Bicycle tourist, entering the country via the EuroVelo Route, will constitute a sustainable economy for many sectors owing to visiting many accommodation and catering sites, and local – historical and cultural assets. 2.3 billion annual bicycle tourism tour and 20.4 million accommodated bicycle tour are organized in Europe. Average daily spending is more than 15 euros, while in the case of staying tours it is 57 euros per day. Bicycling tourism Total annual turnover in Europe is 44 billion Euros, of which 7 billion Euros is provided through the EuroVelo Network.

While serving tourism, the EuroVelo Bicycle Tourism Network also gives support in the extent of infrastructure and communication for the development of urban bicycle transportation.

The accession period to the EuroVelo Bicycle Tourism Network, the application to which was done by our Municipality, began in 2016. As a result of the meetings had with the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), the favorable route for Izmir, amongst the 15 different bicycle routes,

is the EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route, the 5888 km route active in the direction of East–West which begins in Cadiz, Spain, and has two different final destination points; one in Athens, Greece and one in Cyprus.

The EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean Route, due to its suitability for one of our Municipality’s objectives to develop relationships by utilizing the route’s network relations with other Mediterranean cities, its physical and social accessibility for Izmir, and its high appeal owing to its own features and dynamics, has been determined to be the most favorable route.